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JeyamCRM is a System to Gather all aspects of Customer information in one place, Manage Customers Projects, Invoices, Payments, Materials, Labours Associate to the Project to Visualise the Project Benefit all in one Place. If your Company wants to compete in today's fast paced Business arena, you need to Control Costs in order to maximize Profitability.
JeyamCRM Provides you the Cash Flow and Profit information instantly in Dashboard in the form of Graphical Representation to have a better Visualize of your Company Growth.
Why use JeyamCRM?
360 Degree View of Business information
Speedy Business Process
Improve Efficiency
Cost Efficient
Easy to use

Features of CRM Software

JeyamCRM Systems Automate functions for Accounts Payables/Receivables, Payroll & Work Order Entires. Improved Accounting Management System is Designed to Make your day-to-day Work Eaiser.

Complete Control over stock Levels. Trusted for finding lost inventories, Tracking assests on a Job site, and Performing the inventory Audit.

Keep Track of your Stakeholders(Customers, Suppliers, Labours, Subcontractors) and their Financial informatiion associated with them.

Keep Track of Expenses both Client and Overhead. This will more Helpful for the Business to Optimise the Expense cost.

Features of CRM Software

Project Management
Keep Track of Projects and the Transaction Associated with the Project such as Quotation, Proforma invoice, Invoice, Materials, Labour to Deep Analyse the Project Performance(Profit or Loss)
Purchase Management
Purchase Management Module Streamlines Procurement of Required raw Materials or Goods for your Organization from the Quotation stage to Purchase order Completion stage of the Entire Process
Sale Management
Sale Module will helpful to get the Current Stock info for the goods before issuing and Auto Detect from the inventory once issued.
Employee Management
Manage your Employee Timesheet and Payroll
Maximum insight into your results with graphical metrics and powerful reporting.

Benefits of JeyamCRM

Improve Analytical Data and Reporting
Indentify At-Risk Customers
Create a Customer-Centric Focus
Make Administrative Tasks Efficient
Visually Showcase Data on Dashboard
Avoidance of Stock-outs and Excess Stock

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